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How to create Facebook Task to send data to Pipedrive?

Facebook Task is a link between CRM and Facebook, with which you can automatically add new leads to CRM by certain rules. These rules are set in the task settings. The lead import process can be started when the user performs one of the following actions, namely:

  • Like or like back the post, video or photos;
  • Leave or delete a comment to the post, video or photo;
  • Write a message to the page;
  • Fill in the Facebook Lead Ads form.

For each activity, a separate Facebook task setting must be fixed.
Before configuring the Facebook task, make sure that you have already connected the Facebook page and configured the connection to Pipedrive, where you want to create contact cards.

If you need to temporarily disable the lead generation process for an existing task, then use the Active switch.

Add a new Facebook task in the Leadgen Settings-> Facebook Tasks section.

At the first stage of setting up a new task, you need to fill in the following data

  • «Name for mapping» — name for Facebook task;
  • «Select page» — the Facebook business page which you want to generate leads with;
  • «Select project» — a system which new leads (Pipedrive in our case) will be created in;
  • «Select Facebook Source» — which user action will generate leads (if you chose Facebook form, the next step will be to select the Lead Ads form in the «Select Facebook form» field, the filling of which will be converted into the contact card in Pipedrive);
  • By default, Adlots only creates a contact in the «People» section. If you want to create a deal, select the option «Create Deal»;
  • «Deal stage» — select the stage of the Pipedrive funnel, where the deal will immediately go to (the funnel should be created before).

At this stage, all fields are compulsory for filling out.

The second stage is to determine the correspondence between the data received from Facebook and the contact / deal card fields of the Pipedrive.

For each required field, select a value from the drop-down list or specify the desired value manually by selecting «Manual input».

For different sources (Facebook source field) the set of fields in the drop-down lists will be different. For facebook forms there are fields that are present on the form.
For like and comment, this is the user name, a link to the user, a link to the publication and a facebook-email.

The Owner field is required as compulsory. Being the owner, you can select a particular Pipedrive user, or select the option «Automatically distribute», then the lead will be distributed to the next Pipedrive user from the lead distribution order.

The corresponding values are already selected by default for the name and email fields.

To see the list of leads that have arrived for a particular task, click View leads. In the modal window, a table will open, where you can view the following information:

  • lead id — the number of facebook-lead;
  • date created — the lead creation time;
  • Pipedrive id — a clickable link which can transfer toy to Pipedrive contact card;
  • attributes — the values of the fields received from Facebook (name of the lead, mail, links to the page or publication, phone number, etc.).