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The contact is considered to be the user who left his/her personal data (via the feedback form on the website, the Facebook Lead Ads form) or the user who managed to set up communication (wrote in the chat on the site or through Facebook) provided that the collected data is sufficient to create a contact in the external CRM system Pipedrive.

Adlots uses an algorithm that prevents duplicate creation if the user leaves data that already exists in the system.

All contacts collected by the system can be viewed in the corresponding «Contacts» section.

Analyzing the collected data, Adlots defines the source of traffic. This allows to segment users by type and behavior. Having obtained this data you can analyze what sources of traffic, marketing channels are more effective and bring more leads.

For each contact in the table, the following information is available: unique identifier, name, source, creation time, etc.

The mail is used as a unique identifier and if, for some reason, the user did not specify it, Adlots generates an identifier from the available data.

By clicking «View» in the last column of the table, you can see the aggregated information for each contact.

Aggregated information includes:

  • data on visits to the site;
  • data from the contact card in Pipedrive;
  • data from the deal card in Pipedrive;
  • data on the sent forms.

All changes that will occur with the contact and deal in Pipedrive will be automatically transferred to the Adlots.