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Adlots provides an opportunity to create web-forms and post them on their websites and landing pages. Read more about how to create a form here.

At the time when the user filled out the data on the site and clicked «Send», the fact of submitting the form and all the data that was specified, fall into the «Submits» section of Adlots.

This section contains the following data:

  • the page which the form is placed on
  • date / time of sending the form
  • data the user specified in the form
  • link to a contact from the «Contacts» section
  • the name of the form (specified when creating a new form)
  • unique user ID

To see detailed information about the contact and its history of site visits, click the ID and the name of the contact in the «Contact» column. In the new tab, a detailed contact profile from the «Contacts» section will be opened.

The sorting block at the top of the page allows you to select:

  • filling out individual forms
  • forms placed on certain pages
  • knowing the user name, select all forms that he/she has ever sent