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Adlots Facebook integration

You can integrate Facebook and start receiving leads following this easy 3-steps algorithm:

Step 1. Authorization

Click «Continue with Facebook».

Next, you need to allow the application to access your page. If you are not authorized in Facebook, the system will ask you to do it.

To connect a business page, you must be the administrator of this page
After you clicked «Continue with Facebook» the new window will be opened. Click «Continue as ___», where empty space will be replaced with your Facebook name. After that you will se the following window, where you need to click «Choose that you allow».

Below you will find an example of what rights are requested by our application. You can have much more rights, it all depends on what role your user has for managing a business page.

If you manage several business pages, and you only need to use one for landing, then select the necessary page in «Show a list of the Pages you manage».

Selected pages will be added to Adlots.

After the application is installed and the necessary rights for work are granted, it will appear in your Facebook profile in the Settings-> Business Integrations section.

Step 2. Page activation.

After access to your page is successfully obtained, you need to allow access to the business pages that you manage and which you need to generate leads from.

Activate Facebook pages, which will be used in lead generation progress.

Step 3. Task creation.

At this step you can create a task, which will send leads to Pipedrive, activate or deactivate this task and go to edit page of specific task.

Use tabs to navigate through different pages settings.

This is all settings. After tasks were created you will receive leads from your Facebook page in Pipedrive.