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What will you get with Adlots?

  • Facebook social
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Adlots Web forms
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Facebook tasks
  • Unlimited website tasks
  • Lead Distribution
  • Lead Scoring
  • Mailings
  • Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adlots?
Adlots is an analytics and lead generation system. Adlots allows collecting leads from your website, landing page and Facebook straight into Pipedrive CRM.
Can I see the lead's history of website visits?
Yes. Adlots can gather all the history and activity of the visitor and send that data to Pipedrive.
Is it possible to distribute the leads among managers automatically?
Of course. You can also add the manager to the queue, and set his/her workdays and weekends, on which the leads will not be distributed to him/her.
What happens if the lead inputs the different data with every new website visit?
Adlots algorithms try to assess all the data to identify the lead regardless of the data he/she entered.
How long does it take for data to get into Pipedrive?
Which other data can I get using Adlots?
You can easily get the data on advertising expenses, connecting your Facebook and Adwords accounts to Adlots. Our system evaluates advertising data and all the info on leads, and builds the pipeline for each media channel, from ad banner clicks to ROI evaluation for each channel.
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